The Roof Crop

The Roof Crop is an urban farm in Chicago, IL, that produces edible flowers, vegetables, herbs, and apples. Their growing area now encompasses 30,000 square feet of rooftops. They received a [...]

Root Mass Farm

Root Mass Farm is a 5-acre farm in Oley, PA, that uses organic methods to produce vegetables, melons, perennial herbs, and berries. They received a $3,986 grant to build a 21×48-foot hoop house [...]

Radical Roots Farm

A 4-acre family farm in Canterbury, CT, Radical Roots Farm grows heirloom vegetables and fruits in addition to raising heritage livestock. They received a $4,500 grant to purchase 27 fruit and [...]

Moon Dog Farms

Moon Dog Farms, a 17-acre family farm in Santa Fe, TX, received a $5,000 grant to purchase three caterpillar tunnel kits, shade cloths, and a silage tarp. These tools helped them better cope with [...]

Namu Farm/Choi and Daughters Produce

A 2-acre farm in Winters, CA, that focuses on East Asian vegetable and herb varieties, Namu Farm partners with Namu Gaji restaurant in San Francisco, distributes small veggie boxes to the local [...]

Hope Mountain Farm

Hope Mountain Farm is a 4-acre farm in Leavenworth, WA, that grows certified organic berries and vegetables, in addition to keeping bees. They received a $5,000 grant to purchase silage tarps, [...]

Fly Girl Farm

Fly Girl Farm is a women-run, 4-acre farm in Pescadero, CA, that gives young women the opportunity to experience running a farm. They grow vegetables, herbs, and cut flowers and received a $4,856 [...]

Doce Lume Farm

  A 2-acre farm in Frederick, MD, Doce Lume Farm grows certified organic herbs and vegetables. They received a $1,735 grant to build hoop houses and establish a system to test the health of [...]

Christensen’s Farm

Christensen’s Farm is a 7-acre family farm in Browntown, WI. They keep bees and laying hens, and produce over 100 varieties of vegetables. They received a $1,463.50 grant to increase their number [...]

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