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A 2-acre farm in Winters, CA, that focuses on East Asian vegetable and herb varieties, Namu Farm partners with Namu Gaji restaurant in San Francisco, distributes small veggie boxes to the local Korean community in the East Bay, and produces commercial seed for Kitazawa Seed Company. They received a $3,794.29 grant to purchase infrastructure for a hoop house, nursery benches, multiple-size screens, shade cloth, and tools for hand-processing seeds.

β€œThe infrastructure support we acquired with our grant funding has provided us with exponential opportunities, including saving, processing, and cleaning several pounds of seed. Having the tools and physical space we need to harvest high-quality seed not only fosters resilience in our farming operation, it creates countless opportunities for all the communities we work with to deepen their work around ancestral foodways.” β€”Kristyn Leach, farmer


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