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A 4-acre family farm in Canterbury, CT, Radical Roots Farm grows heirloom vegetables and fruits in addition to raising heritage livestock. They received a $4,500 grant to purchase 27 fruit and nut trees, as well as the tools, supplies, structures, and larvae to develop a composting system with black soldier flies. This system will help create high-protein feed for their livestock.

Radical Roots planted trees and purchased the black soldier fly larvae and set them up in their hoop house. They also secured a source of waste produce and meat from their local market to compost. Although they’ve faced some challenges with keeping their hoop house warm enough, they plan to purchase a wood stove for next winter.

“We appreciate the opportunity to take on this sustainability venture and hope to be able to continue it for years to come. We’ll definitely send frequent updates on different experiments we try with the black soldier flies such as overwintering the eggs/larvae.” —Alycia Salvas, partner


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