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We are so pleased you are interested in helping The FruitGuys Community Fund! We are a small nonprofit organization working to make a big impact by supporting sustainable agriculture and small independent American farms through grant making.

Volunteering Is An Amazing Gift


Join the review team to evaluate farm grantee applications

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Tell a small, independent farmer about our grants

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Good for the Soil & Your Soul!

The FruitGuys Community Fund supports projects that are good for the soil. Our grants are used to preserve and enhance innovative, ecologically sustainable farming practices. It also turns out that volunteering is good for our health. When we join others in a sense of purpose, it has a positive effect on our mental and physical health.

Employers who inspire and encourage their workforce to volunteer also benefit. A recent study found that an overwhelming majority – 89% – of employees think organizations that sponsor volunteer activities offer a better overall working environment.

Our Annual Grant Review Committee

Each year we invite volunteers to be part of the farm grant application review process.

  • Up to 20 volunteers will be chosen

  • Review and score farm grant applications virtually

  • During February and March 2024, volunteers will spend approximately 4 hours in group discussions of grantee recommendations, in addition to reading and scoring applicants’ grants on their own time

To apply for our grant review committee, please fill out our Volunteer Questionnaire. Or, if you have additional questions, contact us at Note: during the grant application cycle, it may take time to respond to all requests so we ask for your patience.

Share The Community Fund Message

We need help in getting our message out about our efforts to support small, independent farmers. We encourage you to:

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  • Read our articles and share with like-minded folks
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Encourage others to support a project even by donating small amounts

Tell an Independent Farmer About Us

You can make a big impact to a small farm. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 97% of the U.S. farms are family-owned operations. 58% of all direct farm sales to consumers come from small family farms. If you know of an independent farmer, let them know about The FruitGuys Community Fund grant program. We respect farmers’ autonomy and fund projects to help their operations conserve resources and use sustainable farming practices. Grant applications typically start in December and are awarded in May. If you know a farmer, encourage them to read our eligibility requirements and submit a letter of intent.

You Can Make a Big Difference

However you support The FruitGuys Community Fund, we welcome you. Together we can all make a big impact for small farms all across America.


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