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Moon Dog Farms, a 17-acre family farm in Santa Fe, TX, received a $5,000 grant to purchase three caterpillar tunnel kits, shade cloths, and a silage tarp. These tools helped them better cope with the region’s weather and make some big improvements.

“We saw immediate benefits to our summer crops, in both yield and longevity. Cucumbers were harvested longer into our hottest months—a first!—and peppers and eggplants growing in the tunnels under shade were more robust than those growing outside of the tunnels. Additionally, while our summer staple veggies were faring better than usual, we were able to spend a bit more time concentrating on our summer flowers. This led to the best flower crops we’ve ever had at that time of year. Our summer revenue was the highest it’s ever been.” —Casey McAuliffe, co-owner


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