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Christensen’s Farm is a 7-acre family farm in Browntown, WI. They keep bees and laying hens, and produce over 100 varieties of vegetables. They received a $1,463.50 grant to increase their number of beehives and add an observation hive for an educational curriculum.

They were able to add seven hives, from which they harvested over 100lbs of honey in 2018. They also experienced some unexpected benefits.

“We had the most productive crops of sweet potatoes, winter squash, and pumpkins that we’ve ever had. They did benefit from the moisture, but both fields were in very close proximity to the bees, and I attribute much of their success to the prolific pollinators. This, in turn, allowed us to sell to a new restaurant, along with selling further into the fall and winter.” —Katy Dickson, owner


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