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Wilderness Greenhouse, a 1-acre farm near Homer, AK, produces tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh salsas, edible hanging baskets, and other seasonal vegetables. They received $2,135.62 to expand their water catchment system, purchase cover crop seeds, set up a vermicomposting system, and transition to Korean natural-farming methods.

They were able to install gutters on their greenhouse and two water storage tanks, allowing them to use collected water for drip irrigation all season, while saving them valuable time. Owner Tracy Veal also shared that their vermicompost system is all set up, and they’re expecting their first vermicompost harvest soon. Additionally, they were able to purchase season-extension materials and cover-crop seeds, which they used this fall. Veal told us, β€œWe used season-extension materials to harvest later this year, but more importantly, we will be able to start earlier next year!”


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