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Sisterland Farms, a 2-acre, woman-owned and trans person–operated farm in Port Angeles, WA, produces fruit, vegetables, and flowers, which they sell through a CSA and farmers markets. They received a $3,541 grant to plant cover crops, start a community composting program, install rain barrels, create perennial hedgerows, and grow a food forest.

Their community composting program was an immediate success! It has helped Sisterland Farms and their local community grow. According to co-owner A. Jenson, “Our composting program set off a chain of events that led us to hold elected seats on the county Solid Waste Advisory Committee, Farmer’s Market Board, and Conservation District.” Additionally, Sisterland was able to install a large cistern, rather than rain barrels, to provide water for their crops. Unfortunately, their trees and plants arrived too late to get them planted this season, but they’ll be ready to go for 2020.


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