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Huidekoper Ranch is a 1-acre farm in Wilson, WY, that produces organically grown salad greens, tomatoes, root vegetables, and microgreens. They received a $3,400 grant to purchase two gothic-style caterpillar tunnels to help extend their growing season and increase food production, as well as adding cover crops into the rotation to increase soil health.

Despite having an extra-cold spring, Huidekoper was able to purchase, install, and plant their first crops in the two caterpillar tunnels. The tunnels allowed them to grow additional summer crops, like cucumbers, summer squash, zucchini, and peas, which, due to their short season, aren’t commonly grown locally. The tunnels also allowed them to grow consistent fall crops of salad greens and root vegetables. Additionally, having their fall crops in the tunnels freed up space in their other beds for fall cover crop plantings. Owner Brent Tyc said, “Overall, this project was a huge success for us! These tunnels are going to be an integral part of our operation going forward, and I don’t see how we could operate here without them.”


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