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Funks Grove Heritage Fruits & GrainsΒ is a 9-acre farm in McLean, IL, that produces small grains and fruit, while fostering a community grounded in compassion, innovation, and education. They received a $2,526.99 grant to create habitats for beneficial insects and animals, by installing 10 bee boxes, four bat boxes, two owl boxes, and two large plots of pollinator plantings.

This season, Funks Grove was able to purchase 10 bee boxes, six of which were installed, purchase and construct four bat boxes, purchase and install two owl boxes, and plant two 2000-square-foot pollinator plots. They were also able to host a local community college class, in which students learned about the pollinator plantings. Partner Jeff Hake told us, β€œWe will gain real rewards from the ecosystem services provided by increased pollinator and predator activity on our farm, bolstering fruit set in our orchard and reducing pest pressure, making our farm both more profitable and more pleasant to engage with and visit.”


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