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DoLittle Pastures, a 15-acre farm in Lacomb, OR, produces pastured meat and poultry, as well as woodland food and herbal products. They received $3,700 to purchase seeds, fruit trees, compost, and other supplies that have helped them create a sustainable food forest.

Co-owner Michelle Plata let us know that they’ve made great progress restoring the farm’s historic orchard. Over 100 fruit trees and plants have been added! They also amended the soil, cleared and re-seeded old pastures with native grasses and wildflowers, and added fencing. As Plata shared, “The orchard has continued to be a meeting place for Wildcrafting On Crabtree Creek. Recent projects have included making Hawthorn berry wine, elderberry syrup, and Oregon grape root tincture. On average, about 20 women and children participate each month.”


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