Thompson Creek Farm

Thompson Creek Farm is a 2-acre farm in Newman Lake, WA, that grows a wide variety of vegetables, berries, and fruit, which they sell through a CSA and to local farmers markets and restaurants. [...]

Sugar Hill Farmstead

Sugar Hill Farmstead is a 10-acre farm in Hilo, HI, that produces pastured meats and eggs, raw honey, and organic bananas. Their livestock supplies the only meat CSA available on the Big Island. [...]

Shao Shan Farm

Shao Shan Farm is a 5-acre farm in Bolinas, CA, that grows organic Asian heritage vegetables, which are sold to chefs, farmers markets, grocery stores, and regional communities. They also donate [...]

Seafield Farm

Seafield Farm is a 1-acre farm in Cape Charles, VA, that grows a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, flowers, and pecans, as well as producing eggs and honey. They received a $2,090 grant to [...]

Rancho Charanda

Rancho Charanda is a 3-acre farm in Redlands, CA, that grows oranges, tangerines, lemons, avocados, sugarcane, chile peppers, and a wide variety of native California foods, such as cactus [...]

Mick Klug Farm

Mick Klug Farm is a 120-acre farm in St. Joseph, MI, that grows and provides more than 30 varieties of fruit and vegetable crops to Chicago-area markets, restaurants, breweries, and small grocery [...]

Hollyaire Farm

Hollyaire Farm is a 40-acre farm in Junction City, OR, that produces a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and eggs, which they sell at their farmstand, as well as wholesale to other local [...]

Frecon Fruit Farms Inc.

Frecon Fruit Farms Inc. is a 75-acre farm in Boyertown, PA, that produces a wide variety of fruit. They sell to farmers markets, small retailers, local schools, hospitals, food banks, and The [...]

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