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Kahua Pa’a Mua

is a 2-acre agricultural nonprofit in Kapaau, HI. Their farming programs produce taro, red and green onion, long beans, kale, cabbage, eggplant, okra, tomatoes, spices, medicinal herbs, and cut flowers. In addition, they raise pigs, chickens, and rabbits for meat and eggs. They distribute food amongst vulnerable communities and food banks in the area. Kahua Pa’a Mua provides resources for families to grow their own food and nurtures agricultural entrepreneurship and primarily serves youth and adults of Hawaiian ancestry. With their $5,000 they obtained the necessary materials to construct a water catchment system to supply water to 3 main areas of their farm.

Rainwater catchment system

Program Manager, Carol Fuertes, reported, “we were able to utilize a gutter system for water catchment. Supplying water to 3 main areas of our developing farm. A vegetable garden, flower beds, and animals. This system will save on water costs, over $400 monthly from the County water system, and provide a more stable crop production during times of drought.”


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