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Sankofa Way Youth Garden

is a 1-acre urban agricultural nonprofit in Waco, TX that connects the local community, especially youth, with the power of growing their own food. The farm produces crops such as okra, mixed herbs, tomatoes, peppers, sweet potatoes, bok choy, broccoli, onions, collards, peas, and melons. With their $4,339 grant they were able to nurture local youth through theย planning, installation, planting, and harvesting of four keyhole gardens. Keyhole gardens are a sustainable farming system originally developed in Africa that allows for growing in small spaces. Each round garden has a walk-in notch for access and a compost pit in the center that nourishes the plants.

Garden beds planted with crops

Farmers LaTrael & Chisa Brigham reported that โ€œthe youth completed the project! All participants are more aware of the keyhole garden concept and now have the skills to replicate it for their personal or public use.โ€ The youth also experienced the support of their community in this process by growing and harvesting pumpkins and were able to sellย  them to a local florist for Thanksgiving arrangements and the community came out and purchased them, ensuring resources for the next growing season and establishing a relationship with other business owners.


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