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At The FruitGuys Community Fund, we realize that what we eat has far reaching effects. From our own health to that of the ocean, food production makes a big impact. Along with our mission to support small-scale farmers, we also hope to educate consumers. That’s why we’ve scoured the web for the best food documentaries. These films shed light on the realities of food production in the United States and what we as consumers can do to improve it.

Unbroken Ground

Produced by Patagonia Provisions, this film provides a look at the role food plays in our environmental crisis. The documentary follows four groups as they work to change the way food is produced, moving from production that reduces biodiversity and causes climate change to production that is part of the solution. Watch Unbroken Ground for an inspiring look at how we can change our relationship with the land and sea, and the food we eat.

Food, Inc.

This shocking documentary “lifts the veil” on American industrial agriculture and food regulatory agencies in the United States. Filmmaker Robert Kenner exposes how just a handful of companies control the nation’s food supply and put profit ahead of wellbeing. Food, Inc. provides an empowering look at how our choices can be used to change the way food is produced in the United States.


Take a journey with one father, Jeremy Seifert, as he sets out to discover more about GMOs in GMO OMG. Follow him around the world as he talks with farmers and citizens to answer the question, “What’s on your plate?” Learn about the effects of GMOs and how they’re changing the world his children and ours will inherit.

Food Fight

Food Fight explores U.S. food policy and the California local food movement that rebelled against big agribusiness. Including interviews with food activists like Will Allen, Alice Waters, Marion Nestle, and Michael Pollan, this film shares a unique look at local and organic food. Check it out to learn more about how you can be a food activist too.


If you want to reconnect with your food supply, watch Sustainable. This documentary focuses on the issues facing America’s food system, from climate change to soil loss, through the lens of a seventh-generation, Illinois farmer, Marty Travis. The film explores the problems with agribusiness and what we can do to make food production more sustainable, while following Travis as he works on his own farm and pioneers the sustainable food movement in Chicago.

Next time you’re ready for a Netflix binge, consider one of these five documentaries. Join us as we strive to do better and make more mindful and sustainable choices that help farmers, our food supply, and the planet.

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