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We believe small farms are critical to agricultural and economic diversity. Since 2012, we’ve supported 41 small farms and agricultural nonprofits by awarding $167,000 in grants for sustainability projects that have large positive impacts on the environment, local food systems and farm diversity. Every year we receive more requests than we can fulfill. In 2017, we were able to award $42,913 in grants to 10 small farms out of 70+ applications. This year, we received a record 130 letters of intent (a 60% increase) proposing many wonderful sustainability projects from very worthy farms. There’s such a need to help. That’s why we want to extend our reach. Our goal is to raise an additional $5,000 allowing us to support up to three more farms.

Our grant review is underway!

Our review committee selected 20 finalists based on specific criteria that includes regional distribution, project focus area and feasibility. Volunteers are reading through our the finalists applications to help us distill who the grantees might be. We’d like to fund up to three more grants. To do that, we need to reach our goal. Please share and encourage others to donate. No donation is too small.

Here’s a ready-to-go post you can share to help us meet our goal:

Check out @The FruitGuys Community Fund and the impact these sustainable agriculture grants can have on a small farm! PLEASE help support small farms and sustainable agriculture ALL over the nation. DONATE & SHARE:

Your support will help build a more sustainable food system by directly backing the small farms that steward our land and put food on our tables every day!

Our Vision is Simple:

“From a Small Seed, the World Can be Sustained.”

We believe that independent farms can lead their communities, providing a model of self-reliance and land stewardship. In essence, good food comes from land lovingly tended by farmers who use environmentally sustainable growing practices. Their customers enjoy nutritious produce, feeding their bodies and their community. Our grants help small farms in their journey toward environmental and economic health.

Small Farms Need Our Help

Our grants fund all types of projects, for example:

  • Solar-powered and drip-irrigation systems across the farm to reduce their dependence on fossil fuel.
  • An expanded apiary with six new hives, establishing pollinator habitat and building a beehive observatory to facilitate on-farm classes.
  • A habitat for beneficial insects, increasing soil health with organic cover crops and implementing non-pesticide weed management techniques.
  • Solar panels for an urban greenhouse, helping year-round food production and community outreach programs.
  • Fencing to add livestock thus diversifying farm income.

Your Donation has a Huge Impact on a Small Farm

Independent farmers are struggling. They are masters at stretching budgets, applying precious dollars to projects that contribute to food sustainability and economic stability. Often they are the unsung heroes in our communities. You may see them at your local farmers market. Or, you enjoy their fresh, organic produce at your favorite neighborhood cafe.

Before granting money to a farm, The FruitGuys Community Fund reviews each grant request carefully. 100% of your donation goes to the farm, not consultants or administrative fees. We fund projects that address water conservation, natural pest control, energy efficiency, soil health or pollination. Feel good that your money goes to producing healthy and sustainable food.

Your shared commitment to our passion is truly inspiring. THANK YOU for helping us achieve it!

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