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Learning about sustainable food and farming is a fun and worthy, if at times challenging, endeavor to embrace. As with all big-thought topics, it can be hard to know where to begin, especially if you’re already busy with work, family, and general life obligations. That’s why we rounded up a handful of podcasts that shed light on the world of farming. Whether you hope to be a farmer someday, or just want to know more about our food system and sustainable agriculture, these five podcasts are a great way to gather nourishing insight during your commute, morning run, or while you cook dinner.

Farmer to Farmer

Chris Blanchard is a farmer and educator with over 25 years of agricultural experience. On his podcast, he interviews farmers, and occasionally non-farmers, from diverse backgrounds, all of whom offer a slew of know-how. This podcast delves into the details of how farms function, and Chris and his guests cover a wide range of topics, from marketing, to growing, to soil fertility. Sadly, due to his declining health, Chris will not be continuing with the Farmer to Farmer podcast, but if you’re a new listener, there are 176 episodes in the archive waiting for you!


Ashley Yousling is a designer, knitter, farmer, mother, and editor of Making magazine. On the Woolful podcast, she interviews fiber folk, including knitters, farmers, mill owners, and natural dyers. They talk all things fiber, from growing heirloom cotton plants and raising yaks, to fibersheds and making natural bedding. Tune into Woolful to learn all about sustainable textiles.

The Permaculture Podcast

After taking a permaculture design course with Susquehanna Permaculture, Scott Mann started the Permaculture Podcast. He interviews a variety of permaculture authors and speakers, and together they cover topics like earthbag construction, mycology, modern homesteading, and eliminating single-use plastics. Co-host David Bilbrey focuses on regenerative enterprise and community development, exploring the intersection between permaculture and business. Give this podcast a listen, and discover for yourself the possibilities of permaculture.

Cal Ag Roots

Launched by the California Institute for Rural Studies, Cal Ag Roots shares stories that expose culturally- and economically-vital issues enmeshed in the food-production industry. This podcast includes stories about the history and development of California’s food system from a variety of perspectives, and it hopes to open dialogues between the cornucopia of people involved in California food and farming.

Young Farmers Podcast

This excellent podcast is the brainchild of the National Young Farmers Coalition, a non-profit grounded in the future of sustainable agriculture and those who foster it. Their mission is to “change policy, build networks, and provide business services to ensure all young farmers have the chance to succeed.” Their Young Farmers podcast covers everything from politics and climate change, to the social aspects of farming, like finding a farm partner. This show will give you a close-up look at the challenges facing farmers today.

Next time you find yourself looking for something to listen to while you work in the garden or commute your way to work, consider one of these awesome podcasts.

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