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2018 grantee, Kat Becker of Cattail Organics in Athens, WI.

Each spring, The FruitGuys Community Fund provides grants of up to $5,000 to small American farms for sustainability projects that have large positive impacts on the environment, local food systems, and farm diversity. This funding helps independent farmers become community leaders who serve as models of self-reliance and land stewardship.

As the 2018 grantees’ sustainable farm projects take root, we are beginning to see the  inspiring and hard-earned growth intrinsic to each. From installing bat houses, bee hives, and solar panels to constructing hoop houses and planting wildflowers, these ventures make an impact both on and beyond the farms, changes that benefit us all. Following the success of our 2018 grant recipients, we’re excited to announce that we’re now accepting letters of intent for the 2019 grant cycle!

Application Tips

If you’d like to apply to become a 2019 grantee, there are a few things you should consider: While we try to support as many projects as we can, we’re not able to fund every request. After an evaluation of the initial letters of intent, up to 20 finalists will be invited to submit full applications. Up to 15 of the 20 finalists will receive funding.

Please be prepared to provide as detailed a plan as possible for your project. Give specifics about what exactly you plan to do, why it’s necessary for your farm, the ways in which it supports the greater world of sustainable farming, and how you plan to execute it. Include an outline of how you intend to use the money and an estimated timeline.

The proposed projects should be in line with the values laid out in our Farming Manifesto. We’re invested in funding ecologically-sound farming practices that strengthen farmland, protect the environment, and help local communities.

Also, be aware that the grant award is disbursed in two installments. If you are selected as a grantee, you will receive the first installment, 75% of your grant, in April 2019. The second installment, the remaining 25% of your grant, will be provided in December 2019, following the completion of your project and the submission of a final progress report.

The application deadline is Friday, January 11, 2019 11:59 p.m. PST. Please help us get the word out! If you know a small-scale farmer, share the application with them. #SmallFarmsBigImpacts

For more information, please read our eligibility requirements.

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