Urban Tree Connection

Urban Tree Connection – Neighborhood Foods Farm, a non-profit organization in the Haddington neighborhood of West Philadelphia, PA. Neighborhood Foods Farm is located on a formerly abandoned 3⁄4 [...]

Songbird Farm

Songbird Farm, a 13-acre farm in Unity, ME, grows certified organic mixed vegetables, small grains and stone ground flour that is primarily sold wholesale to a distributor, direct to natural food [...]

Soil Born Farms

Soil Born Farms, a nonprofit farm in Rancho Cordova, CA, grows 45 different vegetable crops and 9 different varieties of fruit on 55 acres. Their $5,000 grant helped them move toward a no-till [...]

Sarvodaya Farm

The Growing Club – Sarvodaya Farm, a nonprofit educational farming program in Pomona, CA, produces organically-grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, and pasture raised eggs on an acre that is made up [...]

Marsteller Farm

Marsteller Farm, is a family farm just under 4.5 acres in Freeland, MD, that produces a wide variety of chemical-free vegetables, pastured eggs, and pork. Their $5,000 grant allowed them to [...]

Foxtrot Organic Farm

Foxtrot Organic Farm, a 6 acre certified organic farm in St. Charles, IL grows over 140 varieties of diversified fruits, vegetables, herbs, and cut flowers. Their $3,359 grant allowed them to [...]

Chicago Patchwork Farms

Chicago Patchwork Farms is a no-till, organic, and bio-intensive ½ acre urban farm in Chicago, IL. They produce mainly vegetables, eggs, medicinal herbs, preserved foods, honey, cut flowers, and [...]

Byars Family Farm

Byars Family Farms, a five acre farm in Southern Oklahoma within the Chickasaw Nation, grows 12 different varieties of vegetables that are sold at farmers markets, their farm stand, and a [...]

Blackhawk Courts Farm and Garden

Blackhawk Courts Farm and Garden is a ½-acre community-led organic farm and community garden on the grounds of Rockford Housing Authority (RHA) Blackhawk Courts public housing property in [...]

Bertrand Farm

Bertrand Farm, a nonprofit educational farm in Niles, MI, whose mission is to connect people to local food production and promote sustainable agriculture, health, and Earth stewardship, produces [...]