The Pie Patch Farm

The Pie Patch Farm in Chicago, IL received a $3,033 grant to install a drip­ irrigation system, plants for pollinator hedgerows, and seeds for living mulch that will help soil retain moisture.

Chocolates and Tomatoes

Chocolates and Tomatoes Farm in Poolesville, MD received a $4,925 grant to plant two acres of permanent pollinator habitat, establish erosion­ reducing terracing on a quarter ­acre of ground with [...]

Happy Acre Farm

Happy Acre Farm in Sunol, CA received a $4,868 grant to create habitat for beneficial insects, increase the health of their soil by applying organic cover crops and compost, and implement [...]

Berean Hill Farm

Berean Hill Farm in Sparks Glencoe, MD, which grows sustainable vegetables, flowers, and herbs, received a $3,512 grant to install solar­ powered and drip ­irrigation systems across the farm.

Chicago Lights Urban Farm

Chicago Lights Urban Farm in Chicago, IL received $5,000 grant to install solar panels on their greenhouse, which is used for early seeding, year ­round production, education programs, and [...]