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Beekeeper holding a frame of honeycomb and bees surrounded by studentsSoulflower Farm, a 2-acre organic-certified biodynamic permaculture farm in El Sobrante, CA, teaches herbal medicine and permaculture design. They received a $4,498 grant to establish a rainwater catchment system; improve their compost system; bring sheep and goats into their diversified farm to demonstrate a closed loop animal system; add ten beehives to add beekeeping to their BIPOC permaculture and beginning farmer trainings; and purchase 100 egg-laying chickens to use for integrated pest management in our fruit orchards and for sale of eggs.

Soulflower Farm has made a lot of changes this year! They’ve ordered 50 chicks and added four sheep, a new sheep shelter, honeybee hives, and a rainwater catchment system to the farm. Maya Blow told us they already have over 5000 gallons of water stored in storage tanks! She also shared that the three female sheep will hopefully give birth this spring, and they plan to add additional beehives.


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