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Two people planting rows of garlic beside drip tapeSongHaven Farm, is a 4-acre farm in Cahone, CO, that grows over 30 varieties of vegetables, herbs, flowers, and raises egg-laying chickens and dairy goats. The farm has seen increases in wind pressure over the last ten years, which has made growing more challenging, with soil temperatures staying cooler longer, plants suffering, and regular high tunnel damage. They received a $5,000 grant to build an energy-efficient underground greenhouse called a Walipini. These structures utilize passive solar design principles and upcycle materials for their construction.

SongHaven purchased the material and supplies needed for the greenhouse frame. Unfortunately, they’ve faced several challenges this season, including two bouts of Covid. However, Owner and Farmer Michele Martz remains optimistic about installing the greenhouse next season. She told us these setbacks would give them β€œmore time to consider the design of our project and come up with the best place to put the structure.”


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