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Buffalo Street Farm is one of five urban farms in Detroit, MI, that make up the City Commons CSA. Their $5,000 grant allowed them to purchase 100 fruit trees, three honeybee hives, native perennial plants, compost, drip irrigation, and cover-crop seed.

Buffalo Street Farm – 2016 Alumni Grantee from The FruitGuys on Vimeo.

“We have successfully implemented all aspects of our orchard project by repurposing 12 vacant lots in the neighborhood, which included the planting of 100 fruit trees and numerous native perennials, purchasing and maintaining honeybee hives, as well as the supplies necessary for upkeep and survival. The native perennials are already doing their job, as we have noticed many pollinators, including the honey bees, flying around their flowers. In the long-term, the orchard will allow us to start a fruit share with City Commons CSA, an organization which we helped found 5 years ago.

We are very happy with our proposal and how it allowed us to create the orchard we wanted! We are very excited for our trees to produce fruit and the opportunities for our business that will follow. We are also very happy to have honeybees, which not only supports our crops but helps the world’s bee population as a whole”. ~ Chris McGrane, owner & operator.



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