Huerta del Valle

Huerta del Valle is a 10-acre agricultural nonprofit in Ontario, CA, that provides community farming plots and a CSA to distribute the fruits, vegetables, and herbs grown there if farmers choose [...]

Cooperation Operation

Cooperation Operation,  a 2-acre agricultural nonprofit on the south side of Chicago, grows beans, squash, cucumbers, small fruits, peppers, tomatoes, okra, and herbs. The only farm in the area, [...]

Philly Forests

Philly Forests is a 3-acre farm in northwest Philadelphia, PA, that uses sustainable and regenerative growing practices to produce greens, peppers, tomatoes, allium, plums, strawberries, [...]

Soulflower Farm

Soulflower Farm, a 2-acre organic-certified biodynamic permaculture farm in El Sobrante, CA, teaches herbal medicine and permaculture design. They received a $4,498 grant to establish a rainwater [...]

Costello Urban Farm

Costello Urban Farm is a 1-acre agricultural nonprofit in Lawrence, MA, that provides a year-round program that offers part-time, paid positions for local high school students to plan, grow, and [...]

Carlson’s Island View Orchard

Carlson’s Island View Orchard is a fifth-generation farm in Sister Bay, WI. The first cherry trees were planted in 1915, and the farm offers a popular You-Pick program featuring fruit, [...]

SongHaven Farm

SongHaven Farm, is a 4-acre farm in Cahone, CO, that grows over 30 varieties of vegetables, herbs, flowers, and raises egg-laying chickens and dairy goats. The farm has seen increases in wind [...]

Over the Moon Farm & Flowers

Over the Moon Farm & Flowers, a 4-acre farm in Coggon, IA, run by two young queer women farmers, grows cut flowers and humanely-raised chicken, turkey, pork, beef, and eggs sold through their [...]

Red H Farm

Red H Farm, a 2-acre farm in Sebastopol, CA, is grounded in the agroecological ethics of growing soil, conserving water, fostering biodiversity, cultivating community, and building equity. While [...]

Sakari Farms

Sakari Farms is a 3-acre tribal food and education farm in Bend, OR. They received a $1,086 grant to build raised growing beds for a demonstration garden to grow Camas, Wapato, and Makah potatoes [...]