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Bittersweet Farm is a 80-acre farm in Heuvelton, NY, that grows perennial plants, cut flowers, vegetables, herbs, tree fruits, berries, and nuts. They also raise Scotch Highland cattle, St. Croix sheep, Tamworth hogs, and heritage chickens. Last year, they started their Weekend Workshare Program, through which community members can work with the farm to earn the equivalent of $15 per hour in food. Their program goal is to teach farming skills and increase local food access for low-income families.

They received a $2,775 grant to expand this program by extending their growing area to include berries, vegetables, herbs, and flowers, and to purchase tools, boots, and gloves for Workshare members to use. The Bittersweet Workshare program has been a huge success! The program served 22 adults and 9 children, as well as 10 additional extended family members who were able to connect with Bittersweet as a result of their relatives’ participation. Farm owner Ann Bennet told us that revenue increased by 5% and that the program had a significant community impact. She said, “new friendships and connections were quickly formed – not just between Bittersweet Farm and Workshare members, but between participants and other like-minded community members.”


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