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Following the success of our 2016 FruitGuys Grantee farm grant season, we are pleased to announce we’re now accepting applications for our 2017 grant program.

The FruitGuys Community Fund provides small grants (up to $5,000) to small farms and agricultural nonprofits for sustainability projects that have large positive impacts on the environment, local food systems, and farm diversity.

Funding Sustainable Farming Projects Across the U.S.

Each year we award grants for projects that help small farms operate in a more sustainable way, both environmentally and economically, as well as strengthen community outreach. Some examples of sustainability projects include planting of cover crops to help with water management and soil fertility; planting pollinator-attracting perennials and/or installing beehives; installation of bat boxes or owl boxes to attract predators and keep rodent numbers down; installation of high tunnels or hoop houses to extend the growing season.

Detailed Plans & Estimated Timelines

If you decide to apply for a grant, keep in mind that successful grantees are specific about what they want to spend the money on, along with detailed plans and estimated timelines. When we assess the 2017 potential farm grantees, we want to see a clear plan of what you want to achieve and how you plan on getting there.

Fund a Farm like Clear Spring FarmSince 2012, The FruitGuys Community Fund has helped 31 farmers build sustainable and ecologically-based projects with our grants. Do you know someone who could benefit from one of our farm grants? If you do, please share this page with them. Application deadline is January 9, 2017.

Help us spread the news and help small independent farmers across the U.S. #SmallGrantsBigImpacts

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